• How to deal with the problems arising in using a dressing machine
    Feb 02, 2024
    When using a combs, you may encounter various problems. To help you better deal with these problems, we will elaborate on the following aspects. Blade wear problem Blade wear is one of the most common problems in the use of grass bursers. Especially when dealing with hard forage, the blade is easily damaged. The worn blade may cause the forage to not be completely cut, thus reducing the operation efficiency of the machine. To solve this problem, we need to check the blades regularly and replace or sharpen the knives if necessary. In addition, a proper adjustment of the cutting height and feeding speed can also help to reduce the blade wear.  Uneven speed of feeding in forage The speed of feeding the performance and efficiency of the combs. If the feeding speed is too fast or too slow, it will cause the machine performance to decline. To address this issue, we need to ensure that the feeding volume is moderate and remains stable. During the actual operation process, the feeding speed can be adjusted according to the type of forage, moisture content and the performance of the machine. Stlag and abnormal sound problems In the process of using the grass grinder, sometimes there will be stuck or sound abnormal phenomenon. This may be due to loose fastening screw, incorrect connection position or hard objects such as metal and stone entering the machine. To avoid this, we should regularly check the screws and connection position and keep the machine clean. In addition, timely cleaning of hard objects and fastening screws can also effectively prevent such problems. Operational safety issues When operating the dressing machine, ensure the hand away from the grass roller to prevent accidental injury. If any blockage or other fault is found, stop and correct. Do not continue to use the machine in case of failure to avoid greater damage or safety accidents. Maintenance and maintenance of the grass-dressing machine To ensure the proper operation and efficiency of the combs, we need to follow the following basic maintenance recommendations: 1. After the work, clean the machine and add lubricating oil to the lubrication parts. 2. When not used for a long time, store the machine indoors or in a shed to prevent rain and exposure. 3. Check and maintain the machine regularly to ensure the normal operation of all parts.            Through the above five aspects, we hope to help you better understand and solve the problems in the process of use. As long as we operate correctly and maintain carefully, the grass grinder can exert better performance and provide strong support for our lawn maintenance work.

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